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Tutor - Lessons in Maths, English and Science.

School subjects and Entrance Exam Help - Evenings, Westhoughton.

We are fully qualified teachers with over 20 years teaching experience.
Victoria Coyle BA (Hons), PGCE, MSc.
David Coyle BA (Hons), PGCE, MA.

It's always nice to know who you are dealing with!

Key Points

Many years experience, teaching students of all different ages & abiltities.

Successful track record of supporting students through revision & exams to gain confidence & carve out their own successful careers.

Rated as an outstanding practioners within both mainstream and private education.


Victoria tutored both our sons through their entrance exams and they successfully passed. We are so proud now that they have achieved excellent exam results and are off to college and university. Without the tution they wouldn't have made the successes that they have. Hussain
My niece attended tution for her GCSEs, it helped her so much. She gained so much confidence with her Maths and English Literature, the exam practise proved fruitful. When she struggled with her A Level Geography course she knew where to turn. Success once again! Many thanks. Barbara
Victoria is patient, enthusiastic and explained things in a different way from school. She made me feel confident and gave me lots of practise. She also gave me study skills that I can use in the future. Now I know the best way to revise- not just look at a book. Thank you. Fatimah
My son found it hard to settle into secondary school. He hated English and Maths and was soon falling behind. Victoria changed that, building his confidence and teaching the skills that he needed. The pace was right for him and the one-to-one attention was needed. He is so much happier at school now and is making great progress. Lesley

We are both professionally qualified teachers. Victoria has a BA (Hons) in English and History and an MSc, with twenty years of experience teaching students from Key Stages 1 through to 5, in a variety of subjects. She has also taught English as a second language and have successfully prepared students for their entrance exams within the private sector. David has both a BA (Hons) and an MA and has taught for over 25 years and has middle leadership experience, involving analysing data, tracking student progress and developing strategies to enable students to learn effectively.

Our aim is to help students to become more confident, gain both revision and exam techniques, acquire new skills and support those that require additional help. As parents ourselves, we have a great insight into the pressures that students and their parents feel, which are far greater today than previously.

Between us, we have taught within mainstream, further education and also within special needs providing us with a huge wealth of experience to support your child in many different ways and to futher their education in a tailored manner. Such personalised education within our family home, yet away from the distractions of a student's own home, provides the perfect educational setting. Also we have a wide range of teaching resources that are easily accessible and allow sessions to be adapted according to needs that may arise during the course of the lesson. Furthermore, as you are not paying for our travelling costs, it makes it more economical for yourself. In addition we do not teach groups of children, so that your child receives the customised indivdual attention that they deserve; however we will equip them with the skills needed to work independently.

During our teaching careers we have been inspected by both OFSTED and ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate) being rated as outstanding practioners, David has been mentioned by OFSTED in their reports for excellent faculty leadership. In addition Victoria has also been a teacher trainer sharing her expertise with those embarking upon a teaching career, for which she was graded outstanding.

For your peace of mind we are DBS checked to an enhanced level and tuition takes place within a self-contained dedicated room. Parents are welcome to stay during a lesson, should they wish (COVID restrictions may prevent this).

Victoria Coyle

Victoria Coyle BA(Hons),PGCE, MSc.

Victoria Coyle

David Coyle BA(Hons),PGCE, MA.