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How to help your child or student with maths lessons.

Whether you require booster sessions, entrance exams or GCSE revision and practise we can help you child to gain and consolidate skills, so enhancing their confidence and understanding of what is required. The learning of Maths can be both frustrating and stressful for both children and their parents, however often it is just finding the right way to explain concepts. Children learn in different ways and a one size fits all approach does not work. However in mainstream schools teachers do not have the time to sit with a child on a one-to-one basis in order to explain concepts in a way that suits the individual. In a class of 30 indviduals there is little time in an hour's lesson.

An initial assessment will identify areas of weakness that can then be targeted in an individualised programme of study. With a huge range of resources, text books, worksheets and educational games and software, sessions will be fun and engaging whilst building skills and confidence. As qualified teachers, we have access to on-line software used by schools in order to assess and moderate our marking, giving you confidence that our assessments are accurate nationally.

Topics include just some of the following: mental arithmetic, addition, subtraction, multiplcation and division. As well as decimals, fractions, percentages, algebra, graphs, probability, problem solving, area and volume, time and money.

Maths Primary

Along with English, Mathematics is an essential life skill. Many children find learning Maths challenging and frustrating leading to a lack of confidence; this quickly spirals and so Maths becomes a dreaded subject. Tuition can focus on those problem areas, building skills and confidence in an enjoyable manner.

Following an initial assessment, lessons will be tailored for your child's requirements. A wide range of activities using information technology, working on paper or completing games will not only improve numeracy but ensure that your child is motivated.

From 2016 the style of the SATs papers changed, the 3 papers now concentrate upon arithmetic, mathematical fluency, problem solving and reasoning. Students have to explain why they have chosen a method to solve a problem. This tests deeper understanding and thus it can be problematic for some children to answer effectively within the time limit.

For those who are looking at entrance exams, the style of the exams is different from SATs papers and children require practise to gain skills, exam technique and time management. In addition many require boosting to higher grades as children are expected to be working at the previous National Curriculum Level 5.

Maths Secondary

Many children find the transition from primary to secondary school a challenge and consequently their confidences may drop in Year 7 leading to a reduction in performance at school. Within a few weeks, students have to complete base line tests, that are used to predict their performance throughout secondary school. This then assists teachers in setting students appropriately. Tuition can help students to consolidate their skills from primary school and gap fill as required, so that they perform better.

An initial assessment can identify the areas of weakness, so that they can be addressed before the crucial GCSE years. This will also help to prepare them for the formal teacher assessments undertaken in Year 9. Formal assessments are just as important as these often determine whether students then follow a learning pathway for a higher or foundation tier of exam entry. With access to on-line software used by schools you can be reassured that the assessment is up to date with current requirements.

Tuition gives the child one-to-one attention that they deserve, as we do not teach groups of students, you can be assured that areas of difficulty will be targeted, that your child will learn exam techniques and their understanding will be accelerated.

Maths GCSE

Whilst it may seem that students have a full two years to complete their GCSEs, as they begin them within May of Year 11, this is not the case. The pace of the lessons is much faster and there is little time to re-visit areas that may be difficult to grasp. The content of the new 9-1 Maths exam is much greater and now includes material that was previously on the A level, as such the exam has become much more rigorous.

Individualised tutoring can help your child to get back on track, keep up and make expected progress or boost them to higher grades. Many students have found the new style exam this year much harder and it is expected that results will reflect this. Many, including parents are also struggling to understand the new grading system. There is much confusion regarding whether a grade 4 or 5 will be considered as a good pass. Whilst the government has stated that a grade 4 can be accepted by colleges as a pass, many are still requiring a grade 5.

Whether your child is entered for the Foundation or Higher paper with any of the boards, they will have tuition to help them to gain skills, techniques and learn exam time management. This in turn will ensure that they attain the grade that they are capable of. As parents ourselves, we understand the stresses and worries of both child and parent and can help to make your child feel more confident about this new style of exam. In addition, with access to on-line software used by schools you can be assured that exam practise reflects an up-date accurate assessment.