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Tutor - Lessons in Maths, English and Science.

Booster lessons for English, Mathematics and Science ....

Biology, Chemistry and Physics - Reception to GCSE Level.
Also assisting those with Dyslexia & Visual Stress.

Westhoughton, Leigh, Bolton, Horwich, Lostock, Chorley, Blackrod, Wigan.

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Extra lessons after school will help your child's education.

Helping students to catch-up, gain confidence and consolidate on previous knowledge. Within primary schools there are so many different subjects taught that when a child encounters difficulties with core skills they can soon fall behind. With many to a class there is little opportunity for the teacher to spend quality time with those that require extra help. Tuition can help a child to fill those gaps before it impacts on their whole school life and enthusiasm has waned.

At secondary school 60% of children never have a conversation with an adult- that's staggering and worrying. Lost opportunities for consolidation of skills and time for a child to ask for help, means that they rapidly fall behind. Just an hour a week focusing on those problem areas can make all the difference.

For both primary and secondary students an inital assessment will identify weaknesses and allow for a personalised individual programme of study to be developed for your child. Whilst parents can help there are the additional stresses of home life, other sibling demands and the stressful expectations of both adult and child. Having a personal tutor relieves those stresses and allows a parent to deal with other demands on their time.

For GCSE students, exam booster sessions can help teenagers to move their grade to another level, acheive a pass grade or consolidate at their predicted outcome. This is essential for core subjects such as Maths and English, for which pass grades are expected no matter what future career pathway being embarked upon.

Dyslexia and visual stress

As experienced teachers, we are able to offer support for students with additional learning needs. Victoria has experience of teaching in an SEN school and is able to identify and embed learning strategies that have been proven to accelerate the progress of students with dyslexia and visual stress. She is able to assess and identify whether students have visual stress and can provide educational advice to parents.

We have access to Crossbow Education coloured overlays, dyslexia friendly worksheets and are able to print out resources on coloured paper tailored to your child as required. In addition, we can use Crossbow Education exercise books that have coloured paper. We have a variety of resources that can assist your child with their learning such as Numicon and dyslexia support pathways such as Hornet Literacy Primers.

As our son has dyslexia and visual stress, supporting students and helping them to maximise their potential is close to our hearts. We also understand the difficulties of negotiating school life as parents in supporting a child with dyslexia.